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5 songs for your road trip film

You've filmed the perfect road trip, now to seach for the perfect soundtrack! Lucky for you, our talented music scouts have curated this list of our top 5 'road trip tracks'!

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The iconic road trip scene

Song: ‘Pacific Northwest Bound’
Artist: Mike McKenna Jr
Check it out here
For an iconic road trip tune, sink into the soft guitar in this track, coupled with vocals that include a romantic duet and lucious harmonies.

The ‘there’s no looking back’ road trip scene

Song: ‘A Dixie Cup to Save You’
Artist: The Love Pools
Check it out here
The perfect ‘don’t look back’ track for the scene about leaving the past behind and hitting the road to head to new beginnings.

The sinister drive scene

Song: ‘In my head’
Artist: The Sammy Hale Revival
Check it out here
For a more sinister or melancholic driving soundtrack, checkout this rugged track, perfect for a road trip scene involving searching, confusion or frustration.

The sun-filled, open air drive scene

Song: ‘Ordinary Day’
Artist: Katrina Borhan
Check it out here
For a lighthearted, sun-filled scene, try this perfect lazy Sunday driving tune, complete with rhythmic guitar and layered, hazy vocals.

The slow cruise scene

Song: ‘Balcony’
Artist: Lester Nowhere
Check it out here
Perfect for that slow cruise scene, check out this laid back, instrumental track from Lester Nowhere.

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Image courtesy of Lincoln Magee

5 songs for your road trip film
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